ARS operates a variety of unique contracts with diverse aircraft in extreme environments around the world. Providing professional Helicopter Operations Specialists, Advanced Life Support Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians is just the beginning. ARS crew are cross trained in a multitude of operational capabilities to include but not limited to advanced hoist rescue, skid operations, advanced short haul rescue, rope operations, and search and rescue.

ARS operates some of the busiest offshore hoist programs in the nation. Our programs run 365 days a year where our specialists fly an average of 10 hoist insertion/extraction evolutions per 24-hour shift. Fair or foul weather our teams have conducted tens of thousands of successful hoists maintaining an unprecedented industry safety record.

ARS also provides law enforcement based helicopter short-haul rescue and insertion/extraction experts. We support a variety of mission profiles to include search a rescue, tactical rope insertion, marijuana eradication, and suspect pursuit and apprehension. Our response capabilities are provided to Federal, State, and local agencies alike.

Our corporate response philosophy is designed around our chief operational requirement that “everyone comes home”. We strongly believe that if you are going to be the best you must constantly strive towards perfection. Every action must have purpose, every movement precise, every mission a success. Any time, any place ARS can provide you with a turnkey solution to meet or exceed your mission specific requirements.

We will see you in the field, fly safe.