The Air Rescue Systems Heli-Rappel Kits are the mission ready rappel solution you have been looking for. Perfect for applications where improved heat and cut resistance is required. Our HeliTech rappel lines are braid on braid kern-mantle constructed with a 100% Technora aramid sheath with superior heat and cut resistance over regular synthetic fibers. HeliTech excels at absorbing the friction generated during high-speed heli-rappels due to its exceptional heat resistance ensuring maximum safety during technical rappel operations.


All Heli-Rappel Kits come with all the necessary equipment for successful heli-rappel operations to include but not limited to rappeller carabiner, rope carabiners, and custom weighted rope bags. All carabiners hold industry standard safety ratings, are selected for the application, and maintain an ARS standards 10:1 safety margin. ARS Rope Bags are specifically designed and manufactured for rappel operations. Each rope bag features integrated weight pouches, easy opening, side pockets, and rated anchor straps for securing in the aircraft. A variety of tried and true descending devices are available based on customer preference.


  • Available in 30m, 60m, 90m, and 100m lengths
  • 5mm and 13mm diameters depending on descent device
  • Sewn or braided termination optional
  • Heli-Tech rope tensile strength: 35.5 kN