The latest in rescue technology from Air Rescue Systems, the new Patent Pending Air Rescue Extraction System or ARES was created out of the need for a lightweight, safe, intuitive and multi-purpose victim extraction device. The system’s modular design helps increase the speed and ease of patient packaging during helicopter rescue operations. Integrated into the ARES is the Stabilization Lift System flight bar designed to simplify adjusting the bag position into two easy attachment options and increase the lift support angle to reduce tension on the head and foot of the victim. System includes basic spine board for increasing patient comfort during “bag-only” flights. Optional carbon fiber Integrated Immobilization System provides full spinal immobilization during packaging and transport.


This personnel carrying device system is to be used for the following helicopter operations:

  • Short-Haul – Human External Cargo (HEC)
  • Hoist / Winch Operations




  • Adjustable one size fits all: 35-400 lbs (15-181 kgs) and up to 78 in (198 cm) tall
  • Complete system 22 lbs (10 kg ) and 32 in (81 cm) long


  • Shaped and padded head-box won’t collapse in flight or under rotor wash
  • Integrated tagline/litter drag chute quick release ring
  • SOLAS grade high reflective tape
  • Mil-Spec structural 1-3/4” webbing and heavy duty coated nylon tarp
  • Structural external carrying handles
  • Deployment bag with concealable shoulder straps and rated lift handles
  • Low profile system allows for easy cabin entry during hoist operations
  • SLS suspension Kong Frogs with safety lock-off design
  • Modular design speeds packaging and reduces chances of entanglement
  • Full structural head and foot capture eliminates possibility of patient jettison
  • Side zippers provide Medics with patient access without removing them from the system