The ARES Integrated Immobilization System (ARES-IIS) is a full spinal immobilization system compatible with the ARS Air Rescue Extraction System. Initially designed for Helicopter Rescue Teams operating in smaller aircraft where carrying a full backboard is impractical; the IIS offers responders a lightweight system to replace the current ARES spine board. New self-locking adjustable victim restraint system in conjunction with the small, lightweight design of the board, allows for rapid packaging and removal of many different sized victims with a single system.


When size and weight are an issue, consolidating patient packaging equipment down to one easy to manage bag can make a tremendous difference. Board to buckle the IIS uses the highest quality components and is designed to be completely taken apart during decontamination.


  • Sewn Dyneema sling carrying handles
  • One piece 1/4” Carbon Fiber Plate
  • Color coordinated 2” seatbelt webbing straps
  • Adjustable head block board
  • New AustriAlpine Cobra GT buckles
  • Pediatric compatible
  • See ARES for full system solution