The Advanced Pediatric Extraction Device or A.P.E.D. is the first of it’s kind. Children are not small adults and utilizing adult systems for pediatric helicopter rescue is unsafe.


Designed as the only full support and immobilization pediatric helicopter extraction system, the APED is the solution for the demanding missions of rescuing of our small victims. The APED excels in short haul and hoist rescue operations and provides for rapid application, stability and the highest level of safety. The robust structural design provides full victim encapsulation in an intuitive configuration for the new-born to 50-pound toddler.


An internal support harness system cradles the child with a head neutral position and is completely adjustable to the full victim weight range.


The ARS Patent Pending SLS (Stabilized Lift System) utilized in the ARS ARES Bag was miniaturized for the APED to gain the maximum control and ease of cabin entry for hoist operations.


The stout deployment bag provides rapid out the door capabilities with rated attachment points and built-in messenger bag style, stowable shoulder strap and reflective SOLAS marking.


  • Victim Size- 0-50 lbs. Up to 42” (0-23kg/106cm)
  • Highly reflective SOLAS Tape and Lift legs for low light operations
  • Padded, protective “Head-Box”
  • High-VIS, waterproof structural rip-stop components
  • 20:1 Static System Safety Factor (rated to 1000 lbs)
  • Stabilizes Life System with 1800 lb. MBS bridle legs
  • Rapid on, self locking “Quick-Lift Connections”
  • One size, internal “Pediatric Cradle Harness”
  • Integrated Structural Lift Handles
  • Rapid Deployment Bag
  • Adjustable, ten-degree foot down angle reduces potential of spin during hoist operations