The Yates 361 Spec Ops harness is a full body harness and tactical load-bearing vest combined into one highly functional system. This modular harness and tactical vest combination was originally developed by Survival Inc. as the Joint Services Aircrew Vest and Extraction System™ (JSAVES) for US Air Force helicopter pilots and crew but has since been extensively redesigned through collaborative efforts between Air Rescue Systems and Yates Gear Inc. Easily attach MOLLE pouches and equipment, camelbacks, and personal flotation devices (PFD’s).

Pouch Configuration Options:

  • Air Rescue Systems offers specialized modular pouches and gear to meet your mission requirements. Order by pouch, build your own rig, or ask about the standard ARS rescue kit to complete your harness.

Mustang PFD Integration Option:

  • The Mustang Survival MD3091 is a compact life preserver that provides durable flotation protection for Law Enforcement professionals operating in marine environments.  Designed specifically for easy integration with body armor and tactical vests using a Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment [MOLLE] webbing system, the MD3091 can be inflated in seconds with a simple pull of the beaded handle.  An oral inflation tube located on the left lobe provides backup inflation.  SecureZIP closure withstands rigorous activity and is easy to repack.


  • Basic harness weight 5 lbs 12 oz
  • Front upper and lower rated attachment points for use with a rated locking carabiner
  • Dorsal D-ring for helicopter spotter, gunner, or SPIE lanyard attachments
  • Easily donned by use via ANSI rated quick connect COBRA buckles on waist, sternum and leg loops
  • Sternal lift anchors require use of rated locking carabiner of your choice
  • Rear waist D-Ring for use as position anchor during hoist operations


  • Built in the USA -Berry Amendment (USC, Title 10, Section 2533a) compliant
  • ISO 9001 Manufacturers Certificate of Compliance