PRIMARY ANCHOR Category: All Equipment, Hoist, Rescue, Tactical



The Air Rescue Systems Primary Anchor is a customizable single person anchor that can be installed to almost any rated anchor point in a variety of aircraft. The ARS-PA offers anchor redundancy by load sharing across two anchor points maintaining a vector angle of 120 degrees or less. The anchor ring slides to assist with mobility and crew positioning in the aircraft. This versatile anchor easily attaches to rated anchor points via forged steel Kong Quick-Links.  

ARS “Primary Anchor Systems” have been tested and are now approved for use by the United States Forest Service.




  • Sewn Dyneema System MBS of 30kN
  • 7000 series, Hard Anodized, aircraft grade aluminum billet ring MBS 30kN
  • Safe working load of 300 lbs per anchor ring
  • Lengths: 16 inches, 23 inches and custom lengths


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